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Our own own staff communicates daily in four different languages. Multilingual support has been at the roots of Cornerstone from the start.

  • Supports all character sets through unicode
  • Language editing tools are built-in
  • Search and sort in all character sets
  • Sophisticated grammar control to handle singual/plural translations well
  • Supports all writing directions

A room is a collection of integrated modules accessed by a set of users. When Cornerstone is deployed at a network level, like a nationwide organisation with local groups, the head of the network can effectively duplicate the room of an existing local group creating a complete set of communicative and administrative tools for a newly founded local group. This could include a website, a membership management platform, a newsletter system, fundraising tools and more. This drastically lowers the thresholds of efforts required to start new entities, and gives you the flexibility and adaptability you need.


Although our eco-system of modules covers a broad spectrum of needs, every client is unique and the powerful tagging mechanism deployed accross all modules of our platform allows for further personalization. Tags can be used to create segments of people, categorize articles for a website, assign locations to events, and much more. You can tag the following Cornerstone objects: Articles, Members, Causes, Documents, Products, Events, Images, Image galleries, Videos, and Audio files.

Tags can be a simple text, which can be grouped into categories. You can also tag objects with a location to display them on a map, with persons, or even with groups.


The subscription mechanism allows for sharing of objects between the rooms.

Articles and calendar - Considering the example of a nation wide organisation with local groups, the organisation creating an article or an event at the national level is able to push it to all the local group's websites. Vis-versas, a local group is able to write an article that should be featured at a national level. Tags can be used to control the spreading of articles.

Fundraising - With fundraising projects subscriptions, you can have several portals featuring each other's projects. Gather all the projects related to a particular cause in an own portal, and use it to reach out to a particular supporter group. Informations related to donations and donors are synchronised between all the portals.


The strenght of a portal like Cornerstone is that the modules are built with full awereness of each other. For example, reach out to your most faithful supporters by SMS for a pressing need, discover members that are dropping their support, or express your greatfulness and engage with those that have been partners on the long run.  The set of modules we provide covers a broad range of needs in the fields of communication and administration. It is common for our clients to replace 3-5 different systems by our integrated solution. Not only it increases efficency, but it lowers human mistakes in the manual synchronization of these systems. Giving you access to more data about your audience allowing you to target better your communication efforts.

Security & Privacy

When working with communication and administration, data security is of critical importance to our clients. It is also a requirement from many governments when storing personal information. Your communication with our sever is encrypted from end to end, as well as the data stored on our end. We also give you multiple levels of access control. The granular role based security system gives you control over who gets access to what.

  • Multi-level security system
  • SSL encrypted communication, sign-up and sign-in
  • Access control layer
  • Privacy control layer
  • High encryption storage
  • two-factor authentication (SMS)

We received a grant from the norwegian government, approved by the Research Council of Norway to make a state-of-the-art solution for improved security, safety and privacy in large, distributed organizations.

Cornerstone complies with the US-EU Safe Harbor standard developed by the US Department of Commerce.

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