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The Cornerstone platform with its modules and mechanisms can be used to build everything from very simple services such as a small website, to complex information systems involving thousands of users. This is why most, apart from a few standardized packages, our prices are established after an evaluation of your needs. The following products are common sets of modules and configurations that we offer.

Membership for your Church

This package focuses on member follow-up and has a set price for Churches based on the amount of members. It includes the following modules:

  • Membership
  • Fundraising
  • Shop
  • Message
  • Document
  • Calendar
  • Payment
  • Article
  • Image
  • Subscriptions

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Most Churches must work with very limited resources to keep their communication at a suitable level of quality. When deployed at the scale of a denomination, Cornerstone yields significant economies of scale for each local Church. See Cornerstone Network below.


Most of the modules of Cornerstone are potentially relevant to organizations. It is common that Cornerstone replaces multiple systems used by the organization's administration and communication. Typically, an organization might have a CMS for its website, a separate system as a members database, yet another system for invoicing membership fees and gifts, as well as dedicated systems for email and sms communication. These systems are often lacking integration with each other, forcing the administrator to move large lists of members from a system to an other. The approch of Cornerstone, with its modules being fully integrated with each other, reduces the risk for human errors, avoids multiple copy of information and will enabe powerful, simpler and more effective processes.

In addition, for Norwegian youth organizations, we have developped a custom module called Frifond, giving an electronic mean of gathering data from the local groups and reporting the members to the state.

Website - Content Management System

Although Cornerstone has multiple modules and tools, some of our clients are using Cornerstone simply as a tool to build their websites. For clients with limited in-house technical skills, it can be difficult to work with the commonly used open source solution on the market. A strength of our system is that you build and edit your website with an intuitive drag&drop of blocs, and straight on the page, instead of having to log into a back-end, having to find the content you want to edit. This is particularly helpful for non-professional web-editors. Building a website with Cornerstone means having free access to customer support, having a system which is always up to date avoiding dangerous security leaks which are plaging poorly maintained websites. We can also provide our clients with strategic digital communication insights.

The process of designing a new website can be complex and costly. We offer a wide range of solutions to our clients from using an existing theme, to building a new theme from scratch with some of our design partners for a state of the art visual expression. The monthly cost is dependant on the traffic you are getting on your website and the customer support plan that would suit your needs, contact us for a quote.

Examples of websites built with Cornerstone:

Cornerstone Network

With a Cornerstone Network, we can activate a set of administrative and communication tools inside a Room. These Rooms can then be multiplied in a very effective manner. Basically a copy and paste of a template. A nation wide organization building such a template room can deploy new network entities very effectively. This greatly supports the start of new local entities by providing them with a full set of tools: website, newsletter system, SMS, member management, fundraising,... Copy a template room, invite the first users, provide a basic training, and within a day a new group is up and going with high end tools to support its mission.

The subscription mechanism allows for sharing of information between the rooms. At a network scale, you can share articles, fund raising project, members and calendar events accross your network, building powerful information systems.

Custom tools

The set of existing modules covers a broad range of needs, yet if these tools only partially covers what you are looking for, our development team has the possibility to develop custom modules expanding the reach of Cornerstone to cover your communication and administrative processes. Instead of building a system from scratch, building on the Cornerstone framwork will guarantee a high level of security, and reusable existing modules will help reducing your development costs. Contact us and tell us about your needs for more information.

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