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Modules in Cornerstone allow you to build information systems. Each of them have a specific purpose. A selected set of modules are chosen to fullfill the needs of our clients and made available in a Room. The power in a module based structure like Cornerstone, is that the modules are capable of using each other. For example, the payment module is used by the fundraising module, the webshop module and the membership module. Custom modules can also be built within Cornerstone to cover a client's specific needs. The following list describes these building blocks, which can then be assembled into products.

Cornerstone includes a Content Management System (CMS) to build and edit websites. The strength of this CMS is in its integration with all the modules that the Cornerstone platform is composed of. Hundreds of windows, or widgets, are available and can be placed with a simple drag & drop on your website (watch a video example of the Design mode). Another strength of this solution is in its simplicity. If you use some of our other tools such as the membership solution, or fundraising module, you have access to edit your website using the same username and password. Because simplicity and intuitiveness is important to our clients, you can edit your website from its front-end. Turn on the "Design mode" and start editing the page you are seeing. This level of intuitiveness helps non-professional web-editors to contribute to the content of a website.

  • Intuitive in-page editing
  • Simple drag & drop of elements
  • Supports responsive and mobile friendly website design
  • Page statistics
  • Search engine friendly URLs

In addition, the tight integration with all of its administrative and communication tools makes Cornerstone's CMS an interesting choice to build an intranet for your collaborators. Safely store all information that is important to your business.

The following examples are websites built with the Cornerstone Website module. As you can see below, it also supports responsive design which is a requirement for today's communication. More and more users are acessing the internet with their mobile devices.


The People module stores people's basic personal information. They can be customers, members subscribers, donors or campaign owners. That information is connected with the more business oriented modules in Cornerstone like Shop, Membership, Message and Fundraising. Keeping all personal information in one place makes Cornerstone stand out from a typical CMS based system which uses plugins for shop, fundraising and the like. Cornerstone ensures that information is not stored unnecessarily twice, and it guarantees a high level of security and privacy.

By controlling the privacy of every single person´s details, you can have stright control over who can access the photo, phone number, social security number, emails etc. based on a user's role.

Search results can be based on a complex set of criteria. All interactions with the business modules can be the base of a search. For example, the date of the latest purchase from the store, or the minimum total amount of donations this year. Such powerful searches allow you to target specific segments of your audience and reach out to them with our SMS and email communication tools.

All people and organization objects can be synced with real users and groups in the system making it a great tool for collaboration and sharing of information.


The membership module is one of Cornerstone´s many modules to integrate with the core of the organization which is to care for members and adherents. The membership module stores all basic personal information in the people module, making sure to avoid double registrations, but does so with an increased level of privacy. Every aspect of the membership module is fully encrypted.

Typical functions that can be performed in the membership module are:

  • Manage membership fees
  • Keep track of Birthdays
  • Register ceremonies

Mobile App for Membership

Our iPhone and iPad apps make it extremely easy and efficient to manage your members. You can train new co-workers in no time for attendance tracking and member registration. A quiz can help your staff memorize names. And your leaders can have access to the member's contact information directly from their iPhone. This saves a lot of time asking colleagues for phone numbers or email addresses. Registration of new members can also be done in a much more casual way with the phone app than it would filling a form or pulling up your laptop. It is easy to capture portraits of new members using your phone, helping you to put a face with each name.



The event module allows you to track attendance and to check people in and out. You also get statistics on people who are missing, faithful or newcomers. Checkin/out can be done through simple interfaces on the web or in the Cornerstone Membership App, or it can be done with more rigorous procedures with barcode stickers and scanners for added security.


The Message module is a powerful tool to engage your audience through email and SMS. By using powerful people search filters, you can effectively reach the segments that are important for you. We use state of the art communication technologies so that you achieve the highest delivery rates whether you are reaching out to 50 contacts, or 50,000.

  • Integration with Mandrill for professional grade email marketing campaigns, and real-time analytics
  • Build HTML templates for your email campaigns
  • Add variables to your email, allowing you to personalize each email with information such as the name
  • Purchase SMS credit from a gateway of your choice, or from our standard gateway (see our price list)
  • You can choose between multiple sender addresses and phone numbers both for email and SMS

Watch demo videos of the Message module.

Mobile App for Message

We have a simple Message iPhone app that lets you send an SMS from your mobile devices to your entire list of contacts, a custom selection, or a predefined group.



Fundraising is all about connecting a person with resources to a person in need of those resources in a sustainable and trustworthy way. Cornerstone has a rich set of features for fundraising:

  • Run fundraising campaigns
  • Manage recurring donations
  • Create causes
  • Follow-up on your donors, and use donation data to run targeted communication campaigns
  • Report tax deductions to the government
  • Crowdfunding pages


The Shop module is a complete solution for a professional e-commerce website:

  • Rich presentation of products built around the article module featuring full integration of text, images, galleries, videos, audio, documents, etc.
  • Customer´s basic data is stored in the people module so that you avoid dual registrations with other modules.
  • Flexible product options like size, length, color, pattern, width, height, etc. are available. You can register any combinations and you can price them individually or together.
  • Discount plans
  • Tax and service charge plans
  • Multi-country shipping options based on automated calculations of weight
  • Simple logistics with warehouses, vendors, stock, etc.
  • Multiple payment providers through the Payment module
  • Support for both physical products and digital downloadable products

More and more modules in Cornerstone rely on receiving funds. This can be shopping for products, sending out invoices, donating, setting up recurring withdrawals from checking accounts, processing credit cards, annual membership fees, etc. Modules like Fundraising, Shop and Membership need payment routines. Based on functional needs and geographical areas of the world, there are multiple options of payment methods available. For maximum versatility, we have grouped all these payment options into one single module: Payment.

The list of payment options that Cornerstone supports, is ever expanding. If you don´t find the option you need in this list, please take contact with us for futher information.

Credit cards and various
debit/payment/charge cards

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Dibs
  • PayEx
  • Yandex.Money
  • Yandex.Kassa
  • iDeal (through TargetPay)
  • Nets Avtalegiro

Checking account withdrawals


  • Nets Avtalegiro



  • Email
  • PDF/Paper
  • Nets KID


An article can be a body of text, associated media, supertitle, author, title, subtitle or an abstract. Articles can be tagged and filtered allowing for complex information systems.

Mobile App for articles

We also provide an iPhone app that allows you to quickly snap a picture, and write a simple article with a title, abstract and body of text to report news and events in the easiest manner. Capture live moments for your website and newsletter.


Cornerstone's articles have been used to build newspaper websites, blogs and resource centers, such as our training platform


The Image module serves the other modules of the platform. All uploaded images are stored as unchanged originals, and adapted versions are automatically prepared in as many formats as you would like. Your image versions can be in fixed sizes or variable heights and widths. A version can automatically apply watermarks, add color tint or modify contrast and brightness. You can also choose for image versions to be lossless. No need for image processing tools. Just upload your originals right from your camera and do sizing and cropping online with our easy to use image editor - right in the browser.

Group your pictures into galleries. You then have multiple options to present your images as: a single image, a gallery matrix, filmstrips, or slideshows. You can attach a text, copyright and tags to each image.


You can use videos just like images in articles and pages. Mix and match videos from different providers and channels into one unified video list. Tag them and work with them as they are now Cornerstone media objects.

  • Seamless video integration from YouTube, Vimeo, and more
  • Automatic fetching of thumbnails and title
  • Simple import and playback of many audio formats
  • Flexible player
  • Supports playlists
  • Download options
  • Special support for MP3's ID3 tags with a built-in editor to edit them (track, album, artist, etc.)
  • Excellent statistics for regular reporting to copyright agencies
  • Monthly, weekly, daily overviews
  • Events and recurring events
  • Full integration with the article module and all associated media for rich event presentations
  • Drag & drop rescheduling
  • Hourly import of events from Google calendar and other iCals services
  • Folders
  • Files
  • Download counters
  • Serves as file storage for other modules
  • Drag & drop design of forms
  • All filled forms are stored and can easily be exported
  • Multi-page forms with advanced conditional logic for controled flow between pages
  • Notifications by email
  • Secure forms with SSL to collect sensitive information

This module has windows that display Google maps. Objects in all modules of Cornerstone can be geo-tagged. This means they can be connected to one or more geographical locations. You can then display a set of tagged objects on a map. For instance, instead of showing the 10 latest articles chronologically or alphabetically in a list, you can spread them out on a map based on where the article was written, or which location it was describing.


This module imports RSS feeds and allow you to display the titles in clickable lists. This is particularly useful if you want the five latest articles from a relevant newspaper on your website.


The Vote module allows you to get feedback from your audience by creating a poll with multiple choices.

System integration

The following modules are available to integrate your Cornerstone solution with other systems. If you wish for an integration module which is not found in this list, we can create custom integration for your needs. Contact us to get a quote.


This module allows for a seamless integration between Ecclesia and Cornerstone. The Ecclesia cemetery system is an industry leading system in Norway for local government administering public cemeteries.

This module follows a SOA principle of building module windows as GUI on top of third party web services.

Current functions in this module include:

  • Layered search for buried people in public pages and for funeral services (extranet)
  • List of ceremonies
  • Maps
  • Bar code scanning for process tracking


Medarbeideren is an application from the Norwegian company Agrando for Churches and organizations. In their own words, "Medarbeideren is an application for work force planning and overview of resource allocations for workers in the Church".

The Cornerstone Medarbeideren module allows calendars to sync.


Winorg is an organizational system from the Norwegian company Winorg AS. It requires the Winorg web services.


Custom modules

If you have specific needs that are not covered by the Cornerstone platform, it is possible to have custom modules developed. Below are a few examples of modules developed for our clients that are now available to all.


Frifond is a public financial support offering in Norway, established by the Parliament (Stortinget). Its purpose is to improve the financial conditions for democratically based volunteer work for children and youth in local societies or groups. Annually, the national entity has to collect a list of all members from the local groups.

By making an electronic tool for this process, organizations have reported up to a 30% increase in reported members, and governmental support. This module integrates with our Membership and Message modules for effective membership management.


This module makes about 20 Bible games available for children by simple drag & drop into your website. is an internet evangelism partnership. This module offers widgets as native Cornerstone windows, so that you can include some key elements from on your own website.

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