Website 1

Cornerstone includes a Content Management System (CMS) to build and edit websites. The strength of this CMS lies in its integration with all the modules that comprise the Cornerstone platform. Hundreds of windows, or widgets, are available and can be placed with a simple drag and drop on your website. Another strength of this solution is its...

People 2

The People module stores people's basic personal information, whether they are customers, members, subscribers, donors, or campaign owners. This information is seamlessly integrated with the more business-oriented modules in Cornerstone, such as Shop, Membership, Message, and Fundraising. Consolidating all personal information in one place distinguishes...

Membership 3

The Membership module is one of Cornerstone's many modules designed to integrate with the core organizational goal of caring for members and adherents. It stores all basic personal information in the People module, ensuring that double registrations are avoided while maintaining an increased level of privacy. Every aspect of the Membership module...

Message 4

The Message module serves as a powerful tool for engaging your audience through email and SMS. With robust people search filters, you can effectively target specific segments that are important to you. We utilize state-of-the-art communication technologies to ensure the highest delivery rates, whether you're reaching out to 50 contacts or 50,000. Key...

Fundraising 5

Fundraising aims to connect individuals with resources to those in need in a sustainable and trustworthy manner. Cornerstone offers a rich set of features for fundraising: Run fundraising campaigns Manage recurring donations Create causes Follow up on donors and utilize donation data for targeted communication campaigns Report tax deductions...

Shop 6

The Shop module provides a comprehensive solution for creating a professional e-commerce website: Rich presentation of products built around the article module, featuring full integration of text, images, galleries, videos, audio, documents, etc. Customer's basic data is stored in the People module to avoid duplicate registrations across other...

Payment 7

An increasing number of modules in Cornerstone depend on receiving funds. This includes shopping for products, sending out invoices, donations, setting up recurring withdrawals from checking accounts, processing credit cards, annual membership fees, and more. Modules like Fundraising, Shop, and Membership require payment routines. To cater to various...

Article 8

An article can consist of text, associated media, supertitle, author, title, subtitle, or an abstract. Articles can be tagged and filtered, enabling the creation of complex information systems.

Image 9

The Image module serves as support for other modules within the platform. All uploaded images are stored in their original, unchanged state, while adapted versions are automatically generated in various formats according to your preferences. These versions can have fixed sizes or variable heights and widths, and they can also incorporate features...

Video 10

You can incorporate videos into articles and pages just like images. Mix and match videos from various providers and channels into a unified video list, tagging and working with them as native Cornerstone media objects. Key features include: Seamless video integration from YouTube, Vimeo, and other platforms Automatic fetching of thumbnails and titles for enhanced presentation

Audio 11

Key features of the Audio module include: Simple import and playback of multiple audio formats Flexible player for customizable playback experience Support for playlists Download options for users Specialized support for MP3s' ID3 tags, including a built-in editor to edit metadata such as track, album, and artist information Detailed statistics...

Calendar 12

The Calendar module offers monthly, weekly, and daily overviews, allowing you to set up both one-time and recurring events. It seamlessly integrates with the Article module, enabling rich event presentations with associated media. Additionally, it features drag-and-drop rescheduling for ease of use. You can also import events hourly from Google Calendar and other iCal services.

Document 13

The Document module offers: Folders for organizing files Support for various file types Download counters to track file access Functions as a file storage solution for other modules

Form 14

Key features of our form module: Drag and drop design for easy creation of forms. All completed forms are stored and can be exported effortlessly. Multi-page forms with advanced conditional logic for controlled flow between pages. Email notifications to keep you informed of form submissions. Secure forms with SSL encryption to collect sensitive information safely.

Learn 15

With the Learn module, you can set up certifications and publish them on your website. Additionally, you can track the progress and achievements of participants.

Event 16

In the Event module, you can register attendance and check people out of the event. Additionally, the module provides statistics, such as the number of first-timers who attended today.

Followup 17

With the Follow-up module, you can address the questions of your members.

Automation 18

With the Automation module, you can automate responses to various actions. For example, when a donor donates over 10€, the system recognizes the action and automatically sends out a thank you email. This functionality can be applied to a variety of different scenarios.